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  • scared to death about catching up on your overdue returns?
  • thinking about giving up your US citizenship and don’t know where to start?
  • unsure where to even start when it comes to filing overseas returns?
  • considering the best way to invest as a US citizen living abroad that gets you the best tax advantages?
  • fearing underpaying your taxes and what that might mean travelling back to the USA?
  • seeking advice but are fearful of the bill at the end of the day?

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What's the process?

Everyone needs something slightly different, whether you have 1 or more properties, business interests or a unique set of circumstances. Our system is simple and easy to follow.

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Our expert accountants work tirelessly to get your accounts up to date and keep them that way so you can relax.

Jason Ferrone

Founder – US Tax Pros

Hate Filling In Forms? We Love Them.

US Tax Pros was founded to provide Americans abroad with a simple, stress-free way to file taxes. We offer tax preparation and advisory services based in Auckland, New Zealand.

As expats ourselves, we understand the nuance and complexity of a US Citizen’s tax filing obligations while living abroad.

As tax professionals, we are dedicated to minimizing your tax liability while keeping you fully compliant with the IRS.

Our goal is to provide high-quality tax services combined with exceptional customer service. We respect our clients – our pricing is fair and transparent with no hidden fees.

A Plan for Every US Expat



Basic 1040 + FBAR

Married Filing Joint
Married Filling Separate
Head of Household
Qualifying Widower



Basic Package + 1 Form:

Schedule C (1 Business)
Schedule E (1 Property)

5471 (Informational Return of a Foreign Corporation)


This IRS program allows expats who have not filed to catch up on their taxes penalty free.

3 years of Form 1040 and 6 years of FBAR are required.

Contact us to determine eligibility and any additional forms.

If you are an accidental American or looking to renounce your citizenship we can help with the process.

How much will it cost?

Use our simple 9 question survey and we will give you a clear idea of the investment for working with us.


Use our simple 9 question survey and we will give you a clear idea of the investment for working with us.

The answer to this is quite simple in most cases it all depends on where you are physically located while performing the work.

Where you are working and living will generally have first taxing rights.

Meaning if you’re working in New Zealand the IRD may have first taxing rights on your income.

But there are always exceptions to the rule and the team at US Tax Pros in Auckland can help.

Although most US expats don’t need to pay any income tax to the US you are still required to file your tax returns each year with the IRS especially if you earn a wage.

You need to report your foreign earnings, foreign bank accounts, Kiwisaver growth and even other foreign assets if you have foreign financial assets above a certain threshold.

If you didn’t know about expat taxes previously, don’t worry, there are programs geared to help you get back on track. The streamlined tax filing procedures are a great way to catch up on your unfilled taxes in a penalty free way.

Expats who are employed by US employers, foreign employers, or are self-employed have to pay a certain percentage of their income as tax to the US government above a certain income threshold.

However, a lot of other factors like income level, types of investment, number of dependents, foreign property, and state tax affect the amount of tax you’ll pay.

See the 15-point guide to tax returns for expats to understand this better.

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